The Degenerate Art Fair

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I’ll be exhibiting this upcoming weekend at the Degenerate Craft Fair in Manhattan for the first time this year. I”ll be selling my comics, handmade books, and silkscreen prints and textiles. It should be a lot of fun and I look forward to exhibiting. The particulars are below THE 6TH ANNUAL DEGENERATE CRAFT FAIR! The DCTV […]


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As Comic Arts Brooklyn approaches once again I fond myself in a mad dash to screen print, draw, make, cry, draw some more, separate, ink, pull, and dry as much as possible. I’ll have some awesome new stuff to unleash on the unsuspecting public! The octopus above will be there in force and so should […]


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Just finished the line art for my next silkscreen poster. Meet the new rock sensation- “Kittens!” no, not “The Kittens!” just “Kittens!” they’re punk rock like that. I’ll be debuting this limited edition silkscreen poster at this years Comics Art Brooklyn- CAB so come and check it out!

Silky Screening the KRAKEN!

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Silkscreen MADNESS! or something like that as the March towards APE continues! 3 of the 4 colors are done! Just need to print the back and the cover! This is my second edition of this book- I’ve changed the colors up a bit and added a pattern to the back. This version will debut at […]

So RIPExpo! and Lucha to the LIBRE

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RIPExpo was good for it’s first year and I’m looking forward to it next year. There’s one thing I’d really like to see different- a date change so that the festival happens when RISDI/Brown are in session. I talked to a few locals who were concerned if that were so it’d be overwhelmed with RISDI […]

He’s pretty FANTASTIC

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I did this as an illustration earlier this year and couldn’t stop thinking it would be a good silkscreen print- here’s the mock-up for the print. I’ll be screening it tomorrow! I’ve also set it up as T-shirt at Tee-Public.  On side note. I hate humidity. I really do. 


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Whoa, Back from the dead! So many deadlines converged to form a super dense black hole that ate my life! But- back and strapping and will be posting in haste! Above is a sketch for a silkscreen print I’m pondering called 100 girls

A Chainsaw Kitten and other Strangness

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I’m having a small art show at Brouwerij Lane tonight consisting of many of my silkscreen prints and a couple of choice comic pages. The show will be up for a while so if you have a chance to check it out please swing by! The reception is May 1st 7-10pm 78 Greenpoint Ave, NY […]

MoCCA 2014!

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It’s been a couple of years since I’ve exhibited at the MoCCA festival and I can happily say that I’m excited to do so this year- That is a significant change from the past in which poor management and ever increasing exhibitor/attendee fees had seen the sink into a rapid decline from it’s glory days […]


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Yep, A Super Nasty Raccoon is up to no good! Just finished screen-printing this bad boy this morning and will the prints for sale this weekend at CAB and hopefully if I don’t keel over from exhaustion- another brand new spanking poster too! see you there! above is the photoshop mock-up I did pre-printing followed by […]