Kubo Mural Project

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I’ve never painted a mural until now and the process was both intimidating and thought provoking. I now know that I hate painting something creative on a ladder and that when on a ladder you have no real comprehension of what your painting actually looks like at first (The was a lot of repainting and […]

Direct to Film on Wood Art Panels

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The experiment continues! …and for the most part successfully. There isn’t a lot of media/instruction out there for printing Direct to Film transfers onto wood- other than it can be done. Now that I’ve done a lot of them, I’ve learned a few things- 1. Always heat press the wood first. Even if the wood […]

Honu Print Updated

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I was a bit lost on the how and what I was going to do with my “Honu” Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle print. At first, it was this giant turtle that just sort of floated in space. After several reworks, I’m relatively happy with idea of printing this using Direct To Film on a wood […]

Ahi Drawing/Painting Print

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My latest print is of an Ahi/Yellowfin Tuna. These are pretty awesome creatures that also happen to taste AMAZING. This will be printed on a 12″x18″ Birch Art Panel using the Direct to Film print method.  I’m going to be adding some silver leaf on each print.

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Drawing/Painting

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I wanted this work to be clearly the antithesis to my vector fish- but also use no standard gradients, only solid colors. I tried endlessly to replicate dry brush strokes digitally, but none of them were achieving the look that I wanted. I ended up breaking out my worst brushes… but I had no brushes […]

Native Hawaiian Vector Fish

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Traditionally I haven’t drawn in a vector format, but since I’ve been experimenting with the Direct to Film print process I can achieve something I’ve always strived for but have found very difficult to replicate in traditional painting- absolutely flat prints with no brush strokes. I intend to print these fish on everything from wood, […]

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Revisit

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Lately I’ve been revisiting some of my older work to put fresh eyes it. I have had some surprising results. Maybe I’m just an artist that needs time to let this work to continue to evolve. My latest example of this is the digital and analog combo of the Hawaiian fish the humuhumunukunukuapua’a. I liked […]

Surf Maneki Neko Evolution

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Sometimes I find myself stuck on project. I created Surf Neko a few years back in my sketchbook with the intent to create a print from it. The first version was very rough- fun but rough. I revised it a while ago, but as I was updating my work to explore Direct to Film printing, […]

Tako Taco!

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Who doesn’t love Tacos? What about Taco Tacos!! My latest print design. I’m going to be exploring Direct to Film printing soon and this Cephalopod will be a part of that.

I’m teaching Intro to Digital Media at U of H Hawaii

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The first project will be learning Vector Drawing with the student doing their version of a relatively famous artwork, Here’s my sample: