So RIPExpo! and Lucha to the LIBRE

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RIPExpo was good for it’s first year and I’m looking forward to it next year. There’s one thing I’d really like to see different- a date change so that the festival happens when RISDI/Brown are in session. I talked to a few locals who were concerned if that were so it’d be overwhelmed with RISDI kids/influence but I don’t think a) that’ll happen and if it does whether it’s a bad thing and b) There are a ton of SVA/Pratt/FIT/whichever NY artschool attending/exhibiting at MoCCA and no one would ever assume those schools are a dominate influence at the fest. That said Providence is a smaller town and RISDI is a big influence there- so maybe they’re right, but I think by not having during school session is cutting off an audience who would have really dug the festival. That’s two cents right there.

Next up! SPX!

Currently working on new silkscreens and this pile of Luchadors is a study for my next large poster- 100 Lucha Libre-

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