DAY 7 Armadillo it!

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That’d be a Nine Banded Armadillo Brawler! There is no doubt about this guy is weird! If he gets backed into a corner he has his infamous roll up into a ball tactic! I’ll definitely be screenprinting this guy!

Day 6 Beasty Boxers has gone to the rats!

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  Another contender for the beasty boxing boxing belt! Straight from the sewers and subways of Brooklyn comes this rough rodent! Day 6 is done! Only 4 more boxers! I screenprinted this guy a while back!

Day 2. Boxing Critters gets NUTTY

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Yes, I will own that truly terrible pun. This was the second boxing animal I ever created. This guy has also been licensed to be the logo to the new start-up “WonderPunch!”  woot! I also silkscreened this image.

10 days of Boxing (animals)

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The Short-run indie press expo in Seattle was good fun. I haven’t been back to Seattle in nearly 15 years so it was quite a shock for me to see how much it’s changed. Dick’s was still on Broadway so not everything was ruined though when I passed it I wasn’t intoxicated or hungry- eating […]

Trash Can Bandit!

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So last weekend I was out near Montauk with a bunch of my friends celebrating that I’m one year older and one year closer to the grave. It was awesome- the weather was nearly perfect! Only one day of overcast and a bit of rain. On the day we celebrated we did a clambake- Which […]

Red Panda FOREVER! Screenprint

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I just finished up the mock-up for my next silkscreen print- Red Panda Forever! I’m going to make a limited edition of  50 two color, hand pulled, 11×14 on arches paper posters that will be available soon in my store section and on sale at any festivals I’m exhibiting at. Red Pandas are ridiculously awesome […]

TCAF on the horizon

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Pages are inked. Cover is silkscreened. Next up create separations for the risograph interior!


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Freshly screen printed cover to my new comic that’ll debut at TCAF! Hand printed 250. Better get ‘em when they’re done cause I’m never doing that again. 

Post-MoCCA Depression

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It’s such a rush to get ready for a festival! pencils drawing. Risographs duplicating (they’re duplicators not copiers!), Staplers stapling… then when it’s over and Monday morning rolls around and your friends from around the country head home or you head home in kicks the post-festival exhaustion- not really depression, but it made a punnier […]

LA Zinefest was Good Fun cue a Boxing Wiener

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Ah LA. if I wasn’t nearly freezing solid in Brooklyn I doubt I could remember your warm, palm lined, streets in which I sat endlessly in traffic with more fondness. I mean really, I can run five miles faster than I could drive there. That said. LA Zinefest was excellent! I really had a great […]