Isometric Craziness

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Been working on a new print that I’ll debut at CAB. Here is the base for that drawing.

The days are just packed… really.

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Things have been great round these parts. News, what’s new? I’ll be illustrating a new book about the Civil War for Little, Brown, and Co. The book is about the “Bad Ass” people and events that occurred during the civil war- so moments of incredible bravery or unbelievable insanity or mix of the two. That […]

Post SPX Recovery- CAB on the Horizon

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SPX was fantastic. Good people, good comics, and good times. Can’t beat that. Next up Comics Art Brooklyn which should be just as good without having to drive five hours.  Above are the inks for a silkscreen print that I’ll being doing for that festival.

Let’s Get KRAKEN!

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Groan, Yep. That’s a terrible blog post title- what’s done is done and I have no way of changing the past… If you’re anywhere near New York, I am sorry for you and I hope that you have a fully functioning AC ’cause it’s very definition of these lyrics : “Hot town, summer in the […]

Grand Comic Festival T-shirt Debut

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Yeah! Freshly printed and ready to wear. I just go these from Pete’s Silkscreen shop in Williamsburg (or Italian Greenpoint if you’re old school) and he did a wicked job. I’ll be debuting/selling these shirts at the Grand Comic Festival this weekend. Come by and pick one up! That’s my studio mate Aya Kakeda modeling […]

cold, rainy, cold, rainy, cold…. HOT

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May 2013. for the most part you were a sad rainy mess with little hope of any redemption, until yesterday and today when evidently you thought it appropriate to cram what is usually a gradual ascent into humid disgustingness into two days. May went from 50 to 90 in a twenty four hour period. Lucky […]

Post TCAF recovery period

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TCAF was awesome. I’m so glad that I was able to exhibit! It was great fun to go to Toronto with my studio mates- Aya Kakeda, Tory Sica, and Jen Tong (Thanks to Jen’s friend Irme for hooking us up with a spectacular hotel) The show itself was one of the best I have ever […]

In Portland for the Stumptown Comic Fest

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I arrived in Portland a couple of days ago to fantastic weather. Sunny and 70 degrees! This upcoming weekend I’ll be exhibiting at the Stumptown Comic Festival so if you’re around come by and visit and check out all of my new work- including a brand new silkscreen accordion book “Kraken”. Here’s a link for tickets and info: Stumptown! […]


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So much silkscreening, so much comic drawing, so much storyboarding. This is not a complaint. Just a bit tired. But let us shake that up with a scourge of every D&D party and oft producer of the dreaded TOTAL PARTY KILL- The Beholder. I screened this guy up today while I watched in amazement as […]

Chipmunk Samurai colored and printed

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As promised- color version of the Chipmunk Samurai drawing I did earlier in the year. I did this one as an homage to 60’s Japanese silkscreened movie posters. It’s pretty rare for me to nail the colors as well as I did from the photoshop mock up to the actual prints so I’m pretty happy […]