The work of David Mazzucchelli

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Tonight I attended a discussion/talk of with comic creator David Mazzucchelli at MoCCA conducted by by Dan Nadel of Picturebox. It’s no secret to anyone that I’m a huge fan of Mazzucchelli’s work from his early superhero stuff to his most recent book, the incredible- jaw-dropping Asterios Polyp (I cannot recommend strongly enough getting this book). So much was I an enthusiast of his work that I was exceptionally lucky when he agreed to be my graduate thesis advisor at SVA. I was pretty lost in grad school- I had been a professional illustrator for years but really wanted to draw comics but I wasn’t sure exactly how to do that (it’s the reason I was there). David patiently and expertly guided me as I terribly stumbled both in style and storytelling. I still have much to learn about creating comics- but the the foundations He taught me have made all the difference.

I love creating comics- David has been a direct and important influence on my work.

If you’re in New York- or near check out his his show at MOCCA!


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I’ll be attending- though not exhibiting this Saturday at the ASIAN AMERICAN COMICON. I’ll be there with my pals and long time Rabid Rabbit collaborators Anuj Shrestha and S.Y.Choi. This is the first “asian” comic fest at least in NYC so I’m curious to say the least- I wonder if my Korean half is more so than my American half- I guess we’ll see! There are very limited tickets so if you haven’t purchased one yet better hop on it! The comics are from the “the Future of Rabid Rabbit” our sixth issue.

Teaching Nonfiction Graphic Novels- Gettysburg

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Gettysburg the Graphic Novel was recently used by Dr. Katie Monnin of the University of North Florida in this article and will be featured in this book “Teaching Graphic Novels: Practical Strategies for the Secondary ELA Classroom from Maupin House”. Dr. Monnin has done some exceptional work on the methods and practical curriculum of reading and teaching Graphic Novels. So, don’t take it from me- check out the article and buy the book when it comes out!

JUNE almost over- good riddance to crappy rainy June

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Yes, it was crappy June. it rained nearly every stinking day here in New York. It’s sad that a month that normally is the best part of New York summer was so… soaked. Now it seems we’re being thrown into a hot, humid, and stinky July without a nice June. Damn you Global warming.

Spaceman! drew this up a few days ago in those actual colors- no photoshop foolery there!

SketchBook Mania

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My sketchbook is a literal mess. I’m always envious when I see another person’s sketchbook and it’s a pristine collection of drawing fit to be housed at the Met. But then again, I’d miss the random styles and explorations that plague and sprout up in my sketchbooks. I guess if you were to dig up some of my old books, I was more precious with them, but today. The sketchbook is where ideas, frustrations and “gee, I wonder what happens when I draw..,” happens. So, If you see my scribbling away in a cafe and ask to see my book- be prepared to see a mess with a few gems hidden inside. Here’s some selected pages from my current book. You can almost see some consistency if you haven’t seen any of my other work! So we have “kung-fu Money Cat” which, is a tribute to my growing obsession with Maneki Neko. Next we have “process page” that’s literally how most of my comics start. Last, but not least- the Swiss-German Dr. Franky and his horrifyingly horrific creation of Franken Kat. oh- for anyone who cares (or doeasn’t) I was born today 35 years ago. cheers

work work work

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Been exceptionally busy as of late- but wanted to drop a quick post. I’ve been doing storyboards and comps at the JWT, an Advertising agency with mondo-clientele as Microsoft and Johnson and Johnson(not said too impress you, just to put in scope how fricking ridiculously huge these guys are). The work is light on thought and fun at times, but boy does it eat hours. At the end of the day I just want to crash into the couch as opposed to drawing my own stuff- Well, I’m only freelancing, so it isn’t forever. In a rare down moment we drew up this exquiste corpse- to see more of them check out Adam Kidder’s Blog.

Gettysburg “Top Ten U.S. History Graphic Novels”

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Author Judy Drury has recently informed me that she has chosen “Gettysburg” to featured in her book on the top non-fiction graphic novels for publisher Neal-Schuman. She then told me that she thought it was in the top ten of “U.S. History” graphic novels- with the works by Jason Lutes and James Sturm out there, I consider that a huge compliment! Drury particularly favored this spread!

Long, Great. Often Sweaty sometimes Smelly weekend

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It all started with the Rabid Rabbit Release Party last Thursday, June 4th. It was a great party and it seemed everyone dug the Rabbit. There was much jubilant cavorting and it was nice to see many of the contributors show up (The photo is from that party- that’s Ben X. Trinh).

The Friday I attend the release party for the latest issue of Syncopated in which Rabbit co-founder Paul Hoppe had contributed to at Rocketship comics in Carrol Gardens. That was good fun- but we skipped out early cause I still needed to prepare somethings for MoCCA the next day.

MoCCA 2009
– last weekend. It was good and bad. No one in there right mind could argue that the heat was not a major a problem, but on the other hand I sold a ton of Gettysburgs and Rabbits. I also got to converse with a lot of really cool people. I have to say though I’m disappointed that MoCCA has decided to raise the table costs so severely. The reason why this particular festival works so well is small press, self-publishers, and mini-comics. The $400 price tag for a table next year is pushing it- and that’s the discounted price! This price makes me wonder how the funds are distributed.

Finally- the Mazzucchelli show– for those who don’t know David was my Thesis advisor in Grad School and it was a delight to see his dumbfoundingly amazing work be celebrated so well!

Yay June 1st!

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June is one of my favorite months. aside of being the end of relatively crappy weather (when I was in PDX) and just before even worse weather (steamy stinky humid NYC in August) But it’s also the month the MoCCA Festival happens! I’ll be there at the Rabid Rabbit Table promoting myself and the new issue of the Rabbit! It’s always good fun so I hope to you there- This Thursday June 4th- is the Rabid rabbit Release Party which of course I’ll see you there! (more info on that in the previous post)

Rabid Rabbit #10- “RR’s Kitty Kitty” Release Party

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Oops we did it again, and for reasons I can’t quite explain other than our tendency toward a slight self-loathing. YES! Rabid Rabbit #10 is hot off the PRESS! and we’re going to celebrate it by drinking, and drinking and eventually stumbling and probably some singing, badly.

So, Join us- all you need to know is below!

Rabid Rabbit #10
“Rabid Rabbit’s Kitty Kitty”
Release Party!
Come and help us kick off our latest issue of the Rabid Rabbit Comic Anthology.
where: Beauty Bar 213 East 14th street (Between 2nd and 3rd Ave.)
when: Thursday June 4th 7-10pm