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I had a great time last Thursday at the reception of the Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators. It was cool and rewarding to have a spread from Gettysburg up on the wall next to the work of some incredibly talented illustrators (it was the spread featured above). I didn’t have to celebrate alone, Lauren Castillo and Tae Eun Yoo, both Rabid Rabbit illustration contributors and in 2005 grad class at SVA had pieces in the show. Paul Hoppe the co-founder of the Rabid Rabbit was there as arm-candy (no- not for me, but for Ms. Castillo). Not mention many other amazingly talented folks who I got a chance to chat with- including my two editors for Gettysburg- Brenda Bowen and Molly O’neill! It was a great show and is now open to the public so drop on by and check it out!

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