OTTER SPACE! revisited and refined

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I needed a new image for a business card. Something fun and memorable. My friend Izzy mentioned he was holding a space themed event with scientists from the University of Hawaii, Hilo at the Hilo Town Tavern and asked if I could work up a poster design. The event was called “OTTER SPACE”. The event fell through, but I couldn’t help but draw it up.

Hawaiian Public Radio Interview

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I was interviewed by Noe Tanigawa of Hawaiian Public Radio for the upcoming Honolulu Printmakers Book and Print Festival that I’ll be exhibiting at. It was a fun experience. Noe asked me some great questions about being a zine and printmaker. Please check out the interview here:


I’ll be exhibiting this weekend at the Printmaker Book and Print Fest! Hope to see you there!



Boom Kitty!

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My last Post-it Painting for the Giant Robot Post-it Show! The show is December 2nd-10th at the Giant Robot Gallery in L.A.

Also I was interviewed by Noe Tanigawa of Hawaiian Public Radio for the upcoming Honolulu Printmakers Print and Book show that I’ll be exhibiting at this Friday and Saturday. I’ll post the time and links as soon as I have them.


Rough Seas

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Switching up a bit. A rough ocean landscape. I don’t normally draw landscapes but after witnessing the King Tides here, I was inspired to draw a sculptural ocean scape. Mark that up as Post-It #5 I am totally loving my new Kuretake #40 brush pen! Definitely a step up from the good ol’ Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

Artisanal Squid

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Here’s my fourth little Post-it painting. “Artisanal Squid” I’ve really been enjoying playing with style and design with each new one that I do. This one is pretty silly but fun.

Hot Pink Riding Hood

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I’ve drawn Little Red Riding Hood before and in the previous drawing I placed an emphasis on the dread. This time around I wanted Red or Hot Pink in this case, and the Big Bad Wolf to be best buds. This is third Post-It drawing I’ve done for the Giant Robot show.

Murder? another Post-it painting!

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What do expect when a group of crows gets together?

First little Post-It painting for the Giant Robot Show

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So I’ve been invited again to participate in the Giant Robot Post-it Show. This little guy is my first painting. I’ve always wanted draw or paint a Dumbo Octopus! This gave me a chance to do just that!

KITTENS #3 finally finished!

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This took way longer than I wanted it to, but now it’s done and ready to be printed. I’m guessing other work and moving to Hawaii slowed my progress a bit. Definitely having to build a new studio and figuring out my new surroundings impacted how long it took. Usually an issue would take me 4-6 months to complete since I can’t work on it exclusively, but this one took over a year!

Well. It’s done. I probably won’t have it ready for the Short Run small press expo- which is next weekend. I’m still setting up my silkscreen studio (I miss a lot things in NYC- but the SVA printlab is in the top three). SO CLOSE!

Obviously, from the cover you can see this issue has a tropical theme. No idea where I came up with that. 🙂

Library Journal Illustration

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I did this illustration for the Library Journal in August for the September issue. It was actually a bit of an adventure into the old school techniques that I hadn’t used in ages. I almost always draw my final line art on paper with pen and ink but over the last several years I’ve been doing all of sketches digitally. It’s way easier and faster to revise digital sketches than paper ones. This time that was not an option. I traveling with the intent of being on “vacation” so I left my laptop at home. I was crashing at a friends house in L.A. getting ready to exhibit at the Longbeach Zine Fest. It was a good job and I didn’t want to pass on it- so I always carry a good drawing kit with me. I broke out the pencils and went to work on a dining room table. I used my phone to snap photos to send to the art director. After the zine fest it was off the Las Vegas for a friends birthday and goodbye to a vast dining room table to the worlds smallest hotel vanity desk in which I finished the sketches. I did a lot of sketches for this job. somewhere around 15!. I think because I was traveling and balancing work with fun, I just wasn’t getting the concept. The other hard part was I’d only have 2 days to do the final when I got back to Hawaii. Well, it got done, not ideally but life is often not ideal.