Trash Can Bandit!

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So last weekend I was out near Montauk with a bunch of my friends celebrating that I’m one year older and one year closer to the grave. It was awesome- the weather was nearly perfect! Only one day of overcast and a bit of rain. On the day we celebrated we did a clambake- Which meant endless Lobster, Clams, and Mussels for ALL. Yep, that was closer to the truth than I knew. After cleaning up all the shells and carcasses we deposited them in what was supposed to be a critter proof trash can inside a wood shed. Next morning we found that, said shed and “critter proof” trash cans had been raided! It was an abandoned battlefield of garbage, shells, and torn apart lobster remnants. It was really gross to clean up but totally inspired this t-shirt and silkscreen design! It’s available from TeePublic now in all sorts of colors and sizes!

Pick it up here!

I may also print it as a tote- so stay tuned.


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