nearing the end of a long wet New York Summer

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Humph! I’m not sure what to complain about. Normally, at this time of year I would be wallowing in a pool of my own sweat- wondering when the terrible, horrific, unyeilding humidity (I really dislike humidity mixed with heat) would subside and I could just return to my normal cranky self sans-the perspiration. Aside of what was a week high temps, New York had a long wet summer- Which- I have to say is worse- especially when you’re from Oregon and they had a spectacularly sunny summer. So- humph!

Oh- we’ve started put together the next Rabid Rabbit– Tune into this station for more on that later- here’s the pencils I did for Issue#5 centerspread- based on a Layout by Paul Hoppe– then inked by S.Y.Choi, and finally colored by Ben X. Trinh

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