John Brown revisited

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A couple of years ago I started a comic series based on the life of the pre-American Civil War Abolitionist John Brown. I finished the first chapter and put it together as a comic book so I could see if anyone was interested in publishing it. Well, I had a very good response from everyone I showed it to and the it literally was the source that lead me to writing and drawing “Gettysburg, the Graphic Novel“. After Gettysburg I had intended in returning to it and completing another chapter-but- always a but, John Brown was a controversial figure, which some consider a hero and others a terrorist. In other words it is a hard sell, especially for an unknown artist to boot. So I wrote some other things- (which so far so good! keep your fingers crossed for me!) Currently I’m writing a graphic novel on Harriet Tubman- She and Brown were friends and fellow militiant abolitionists. John Brown was an important figure in Tubman’s life and she equally in his- He referred to her as “General Tubman”. In “Gettysburg” the townsfolk solemnly sing “John Brown’s Body” outside of Lincoln’s window the night before the address. Brown will be featured in my Tubamn book- eventually he’ll appear in enough of my works to warrant his own graphic novel. Until then I’ll just keep doing books that feature him. Since I’ve been writing so much it’s been nice to revisit these old pages and massage the art work a bit and sharpen the script- and add some pages here and there. Presented here are the first three pages in which I’ve added grey tones to. Obviously these pages are not “action-packed” in fact they are a slow opening- I’ll add more as I finish them.

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