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You gotta give it to the Canadians! When they throw a small press and alt-comic festival they pull no punches, no. you’re right. they would never throw a punch far too polite to ever do such a thing (other than in a hockey rink, which, all bets are off). Aside of the heat- yep. You […]

Post TCAF recovery period

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TCAF was awesome. I’m so glad that I was able to exhibit! It was great fun to go to Toronto with my studio mates- Aya Kakeda, Tory Sica, and Jen Tong (Thanks to Jen’s friend Irme for hooking us up with a spectacular hotel) The show itself was one of the best I have ever […]

TCAF and adventures in Risograph

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In Toronto for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which is great and exactly like what I’d imagine an alternative universe to be like. It looks a lot like home, people speak the same language, dress is similar fashion, interact, if not maybe a bit too politely, like they do at home, but like any good […]

Got into to TCAF!

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You heard that right. I was selected to exhibit at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! From what I understand it is relatively difficult to get into and is supposed to be a fantastic festival so I am really excited to be able to exhibit! I’m not going alone either. Two of my studio mates also got […]