TCAF and adventures in Risograph

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In Toronto for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which is great and exactly like what I’d imagine an alternative universe to be like. It looks a lot like home, people speak the same language, dress is similar fashion, interact, if not maybe a bit too politely, like they do at home, but like any good alternate universe- things- some big, some seemingly insignificant are different enough to throw things askew.

This is no doubt has been enhanced by the fact that I drove almost 12 hours from New York yesterday.

As for the Risograph– which is a machine that my studiomates and I purchased for the soul purpose of frustration and making small-batch comics has excelled at exactly that. We’ve printed our first book “El Gato de la Muetre” and that will be debuted at TCAF tomorrow which is free to attend so you have no reason other than maybe… maybe

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