Surf Chipmunks Line art.

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Here are the inks for the latest print in the surf series I’m working on. I’ll be working up the screen print separations tomorrow. I’m think this may be a three color print. I might put some text along with it. There are no chipmunks on the islands as far as I know but drawing […]

Surf’s Up Jungle Fowl

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Just finished doing the screen print mock up for the cool chicken, I’m planning on making this a two color print with a transparent red layer. I’ve really been enjoying creating this series of surf animals. I hope you all enjoy them too!

Puppies in the Line Up

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Surf Puppy Line Up.   I’ve been working on a series of surf related pieces for a show in October here in Hilo.  I also want to build up a portfolio for local galleries. It’s been fun and challenging. I’m trying to create cool surf art without rehashing worn out tropes or to use those […]

Robo Wiener Diazo Printing Quest

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Let’s start this story with several people laughing at me over the phone. I wanted to get my technical wiener dog illustration printed- not only printed- an old-school blue-print. I called several places in New York, that specifically had “Blueprint” in their names and none. NONE! make blue line prints. They all just make big […]