Red Fox and busy busy me

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Well, I’ve not been posting as much as I’d like partially because I don’t like to post without an image to go along with it. I have been super busy with preparing for the Rabid Rabbit #11 Release Party and Original Art Show and the very quickly upcoming MoCCA and Stumptown Festivals, both of which […]


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squid. squid. go! another drawing reflecting my keen interest/obsession with skeletonless animalia. I also recently wrote a response review for the supertalk blog to a terrible review Asterios Polyp (which, if you haven’t you really should read) you may check that out here.

Vulpe Vulpe

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who doesn’t like a Red Fox drawing?

Blue Crab

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need there be an explanation for it?

Matthew Brady Sketch

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This is a sketch of the Civil war era Photographer Matthew Brady and the type daguerreotype Camera that they used during the period. Brady was one of the most famous photographers of his timed a was early pioneer into photographic journalism.


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Hmmm, Calamari. It is a NEW YEAR with all sorts of new things to do- I’ll continue to make comic and drawings and I will be attending the MoCCA Festival here in NYC and Stumptown in PDX (A week apart this year). There will of course be New Rabid Rabbits and all the good fun […]

The Fog of Doom

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Here’s a short two page comic I did for a new anthology which at the moment is so far nameless- but as soon as it does have a name I’ll let you know all about it. This is a continuation of my attempt to create compelling non-fiction comics.

Giants at Sea

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I read an article about Giant Squid and got that irrepressable urge draw one- I hope you all enjoy it.

Lightning Roy preview

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Here’s a preview of the next page of my “Lightning Roy Sullivan” series. The type is only temporary and the finish will being full color like the pages I posted before. I have a few more pages inked, but won’t post them until I’ve colored and lettered them- until then enjoy this preview

Squareback part 2.

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Another drawing of my old volkswagen squareback. Yes, this is leading to what I think will be a non-fiction comic about a car I once owned. It’s already in the works so stay tuned.