2 Minutes With Illustrator CHRIS BUTZER

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My freind Desi Foxe asked if he could make a short video interviewing me and promoting my work and my thoughts on the nature of art. I had know idea that it would be this good! You can check out the video here!  Check out Desi Foxe Video on YouTube!

“Ae’o” Drawing for a future print

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Pen and ink drawing of an Ae’o- Endangered Hawaiian Stilt for a future print.

New Gallery Show! New Work!

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I have show up at the Exhibit Art Gallery in downtown Hilo. It’s a combination of new and old work, including the “Puhi” print featured above. The show will be up all of December so if happen to be A. On the Big Island and B. near Hilo, Please check it out!


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After nearly two years of work. I’ve finished inking “The Naturalist” for Island Press. I’m sure there will be some revisions, but the bulk of the work is done- 226 pages! Below is the inked cover! Now it’s time start some new personal projects. I’ll be much more web present from here on out so […]

Still around!

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I haven’t posted in a while because I’m neck deep in two book projects. One is a 208 page graphic novel for Island Press and I’m just starting illustrating a chapter book about dinosaurs for Simon & Schuster. It’s good to have a ton of work, but I look forward to when I can get […]

Kikakapu Print

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Another Print mock-ip from my “Fish I see while snorkeling” series. This is a companion piece for my Humuhumunukunuku-apua-a. print I did earlier. If you match this on it’s right side with that piece the patterns match up. These guys are a pretty common sight while snorkeling here in Hawaii.”Kikakapu” is it’s Hawaiian name. It’s […]

My TeePublic Shop is Live and Kicking

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I’ve had my stuff on Tee-Public for awhile now. I mainly used it as an outlet for people who wanted my work on T-shirts that I don’t personally have in stock. I’ve now invested time and effort in improving my¬†presence on the site. There are now a ton of my images available to purchase on […]

Red Panda Chibi

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It’s almost too easy to convert a Red Panda into a chibi. It’s like they made to be chibi. You can get this guy on t-shirts, mugs, and so much more at my TeePublic store! If you’d like to pick up a Red Panda Chibi anything- Pick it up Here!


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A new design for a t-shirt and silkscreen print. I’m also thinking I might make a tote-bag out of this fun design. You can pick up this on a T-shirts, coffee mugs, and much more HERE