Character Design and Development of Nero Noir

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The process of developing and designing “Nero Noir” the anti-hero private investigator who’ll make his debut in Zombie Cat #2- which if all goes as planned will be ready for the MoCCA Festival 2015.  This was a tough one for me, usually it just comes to me- a couple of sketches and good to go, […]

DECEMBER! how did that happen already?

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I did not see that coming. not one bit. I was slowly adjusting to being cold in November and out of no where- BAM. December. Ugh, that’ll not do, mainly cause I have way too much stuff to do! Well, Enjoy this page from my Zombie Cat relaunch!

Happy Halloween!

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I just finished scanning all of the inked pages from the first issue of the relaunch of my Zombie Cat series- appropriately on Halloween. I’ll be producing a limited edition handmade early release of the book for Comic Arts Brooklyn- till then enjoy this freshly inked page!

The Return to ZOMBIE CAT!

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This is a project I’ve had in the “works” for a long time- started it in 2007. It’s had more than it’s fair share of false starts and flat out over-worked and over commercialized attempts that turned out terrible (which looking back was inevitable). Now, I think I’ve got it down. I’ve finally developed a […]

Zombie Cat Remix

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If you ever picked up the mini-comic I did for Zombie Cat then you’d recognize these panels that have been lovingly frankensteined into a one page comic. Aside of that I’m brushing up that script and doing new sample pages, but storyboarding keeps getting in the way!

Happy Holidays

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Okay it’s been nearly a month since my last post of any sort- I’ve been busy to say the least. We’re getting the new Rabbit almost together and out. I’ve been featured in the new comic anthology “Supertalk” and I’m working on the scripts and sample pages for Zombie Cat and Tubman. On top of […]

Zombie Cat

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Hey there- The witching hour is approaching and once again during this time of year I’ve returned to working on Zombie Cat. Here’s the inks of the first page- it will eventually be in full living color. The script for the story is finished, now all I need to is wrap up some more sample […]