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I hope you realize the actual reason I’ve dedicated so much time to drawing a comic/endless sketches of my old Volkswagen Squareback is to remedy my inability to draw cars well. I, like many comic artists I suspect learned to draw cars from John Buscema’s lessons in “How to Draw the Marvel Way”. This convinced […]

Growth pattern for the Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Yay! hand-painted! watercolored! It’s been along time since I’ve hand painted anything so it was a pleasure to break out the brushes and paint this concept piece for the project Adam Eye and I are collaborating on! What might that be? well, this is only a concept drawing- so I don’t want to go into […]

Zombie Bartenders!

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I did this image for the Bartender of my local watering hole here in Greenpoint who loved the centerspread that Choi and I did for Rabid Rabbit‘s Horror issue. Aside of that, it’s all storyboard work… endless to the points I draw them in my dreams.

presenting the creature from the black lagoon

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Yikes, nearly half way through the month and not a new post. But it is September in New York and that means I actually enjoy being outside! So yes, it’s sad that there aren’t more posts but it it’s good I’m outside! Enjoy this guy. If things work out right there will be more of […]

Squareback part 2.

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Another drawing of my old volkswagen squareback. Yes, this is leading to what I think will be a non-fiction comic about a car I once owned. It’s already in the works so stay tuned.

Drawing Squareback

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I am not the best when it comes to drawing cars so in a small bit of free time I decided to practice a bit by drawing the second car I owned.

For the birds- a pigeon drawing

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I don’t usually “ink” my drawing digitally- in fact, other than retouching hand drawn images- this may be my first digitally inked image. It obviously has it’s pros and cons- but I don’t think it was any faster than had I just done it by hand- that may just be the need to practice- but […]

sketchbook funtime

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I’ve been knee deep in historical research- whether it be for the Tubman book or the Lighting Roy Sullivan story I’ve been creating and sometimes that backs up the mind into a creative corner that explodes onto the sketchbook page as this silly gentleman.

JUNE almost over- good riddance to crappy rainy June

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Yes, it was crappy June. it rained nearly every stinking day here in New York. It’s sad that a month that normally is the best part of New York summer was so… soaked. Now it seems we’re being thrown into a hot, humid, and stinky July without a nice June. Damn you Global warming. Spaceman! […]

SketchBook Mania

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My sketchbook is a literal mess. I’m always envious when I see another person’s sketchbook and it’s a pristine collection of drawing fit to be housed at the Met. But then again, I’d miss the random styles and explorations that plague and sprout up in my sketchbooks. I guess if you were to dig up […]