Moved to Hawaii!

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Sorry for the radio silence! Moving is time consuming and frustrating- Moving from Brooklyn to Hilo, Hawaii was that times a gazillion. My studio stuff is still somewhere floating in the Pacific on it’s way here. Hawaii as you can imagine is pretty sweet- I’m definitely going to have find my Oregon country boy roots […]


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squid. squid. go! another drawing reflecting my keen interest/obsession with skeletonless animalia. I also recently wrote a response review for the supertalk blog to a terrible review Asterios Polyp (which, if you haven’t you really should read) you may check that out here.

Vulpe Vulpe

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who doesn’t like a Red Fox drawing?

Blue Crab

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need there be an explanation for it?

Matthew Brady Sketch

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This is a sketch of the Civil war era Photographer Matthew Brady and the type daguerreotype Camera that they used during the period. Brady was one of the most famous photographers of his timed a was early pioneer into photographic journalism.


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Hmmm, Calamari. It is a NEW YEAR with all sorts of new things to do- I’ll continue to make comic and drawings and I will be attending the MoCCA Festival here in NYC and Stumptown in PDX (A week apart this year). There will of course be New Rabid Rabbits and all the good fun […]

Crabby Sailors –

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Ahoy! it be the Sailor Crabby O’Malley. He might or might not be in something I’m brewing partly cause I’m brewing too many things and must pare back a bit so at least a couple of things get finished.

Giants at Sea

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I read an article about Giant Squid and got that irrepressable urge draw one- I hope you all enjoy it.

October 1st- this month will end well

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Working up some new sample pages for Zombie Cat and here be a comic I did about brother sad little fat cat- CT. Cheers to having a good October!

End of September

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I like September, I’m sad to see it go. The lovely early fall days, the air becoming brisk and the hints of changes in the trees. I also like wearing light jackets and September is the beginning of light jacket weather. But alas, it is the end. October is nice and it does have Halloween, […]