Creature Incubator

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All giant monsters start somewhere, usually in a radiated nuclear test site… except this poor guy. He was conceived, grown, and made very cranky in a lab. Another page from my monster vs. giant robot zine.

Monster Containment Unit

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One monster containment unit. I’m about to start post production on my Giant Monster VS Giant Robot zine. I’m really excited about this. I have some really cool idea’s for this zine that I haven’t done before- playing with transparencies and fold out posters. Stay TUNED.

Robot Cockpit is GO!

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I’m almost done with the robot part of my new ROBOT VS MONSTER art zine! Here we have the detail blueprint plans for the cockpit of the USMC Chopshop Assault Mech. Stay tuned for more to come!

Happy Holidays!

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Have a Santa-Bot 3000! Good? Bad? He knows. Whatever you do or do not celebrate! Happy Holidays!


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  I’m working on this zine that sets a monster against a giant robot. This is a schematic for the robot side of the equation. I should have it done for the next MoCCA!


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  It’s about time for the Giant Robot Post-It show again! This schematic is just one of many I’ll be showing!