In the trenches!

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Been neck deep in illustrating the interior illustrations for “Guts & Glory: WWII” It’s been awesome! Drawing tanks, planes, and sea battles! Here are a couple of previews for you to feast on!

Vikings! RIPE! Ripe Vikings (I suspect that goes without saying)

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What do you do when you’re a viking who has just been ambushed by 15 or so bandits? If you’re Egil Skallagrimsson you fight until you lose your weapon and then beat them with rocks. All of them, including their buddies who show up later. This is one of 40 illustrations I’ve been working on for […]

World War II pencilling!

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Pencils for the cover of a book about World War 2 that I’m doing for Little Brown. Love drawing the P-38 Lightning- quite possibly the coolest plane ever. EVER

Guts & Glory: Civil War is out! (buy it…)

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I’ve been pushing pencils and brushing ink on the second book in the Little Brown “Guts & Glory: Vikings” series (and already have sketched the cover for the 3rd!) when I found out that “Guts & Glory: Civil War” is available to be purchased. I had a blast drawing this book. It combined more than […]

Lightening Roy

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I started this comic a while ago but it kind of lost direction and I set it down until I could figure out what was going wrong. I knew I wanted to do a non-fiction comic about Roy Cleveland Sullivan, a guy who was struck by lightening seven times. My first attempt was becoming either […]

Illustrating a new book for Little Brown about VIKINGS!

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Little Brown signed me to illustrate another book! Which is awesome- what’s more awesome? It’s about VIKINGS. I’m gonna get medieval! Above is the cover in process! 

I’m Back!

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This last summer and early fall was a about busy as it could get, but that’s no excuse for not posting here especially since I’ve drawn some pretty cool things during this time and I’ve started teaching a new class at the School of Visual Arts entitled “Creating Independent Comics“. The class and students has […]

Some Doughboys

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Here are some World War One British soldiers I illustrated.


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Who doesn’t like a mantis drawing? that is rhetorical.

and breath

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Yow, I’m now slowly recovering from what was a really long run that started way back at the Rabid Rabbit release and original art show that was on the March 27th at Bergen Street comics (The show is still up but in it’s final weeks so check it out! Info HERE) that was quickly followed […]