Bad Hair Day

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I was looking through my old files and found this drawing I had done quite a while ago. I hadn’t cleaned up the scan or retouched it, so I think I might not have posted it. This definitely me at my most obsessive compulsive. I needed to draw every single snake with exquisite detail. Enjoy.

So much Destruction

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So as I was finishing this ink wash drawing I had a revelation- It’s not often in life that we achieve our dream goals. Sometimes we get pretty close. I draw for a living which is pretty sweet but when I was 15 I thought I’d be living the high life drawing only monsters and […]

Giant Robot & Monster BFF’s forever

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Okay, maybe not but these two would make such a cute couple when they’re not trying to destroy each other and cause massive amounts of collateral damage. MoCCA festival is coming up and I’m so excited to debut this zine!


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  You know there is always room for more monster. Another image from my MONSTER VS GIANT ROBOT zine that I’ll debut at MoCCA this year.

Creepy Merfolk!

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Posted the inks of this image a couple of post ago- here are the colors. Pretty creepy all around. ENJOY!

Creature Incubator

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All giant monsters start somewhere, usually in a radiated nuclear test site… except this poor guy. He was conceived, grown, and made very cranky in a lab. Another page from my monster vs. giant robot zine.

Monster Containment Unit

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One monster containment unit. I’m about to start post production on my Giant Monster VS Giant Robot zine. I’m really excited about this. I have some really cool idea’s for this zine that I haven’t done before- playing with transparencies and fold out posters. Stay TUNED.

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! Celebrate it with thisbad-ass Mermaid out of my sketchbook! She wields a victorian era whaling harpoon and a shark tooth club. She’s accompanied by her besty Moray Eel Murray!  This is no little mermaid! cheers!

Shovel Head!

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I originally intended this monster to be the main opponent of my robot in my ROBOT vs. MONSTER zine but as I was finishing the drawing the concept just didn’t say “I knock down building for the joy of it”. That happens sometimes to me. I get really into the drawing a creature that I […]

Squid Monster!

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  In the run up to Halloween I painted this yesterday. A man-squid monstrosity. I’ve been toying with doing a book of monsters for a while since I like drawing and painting them so much and also letting people use them for as new monsters for their role playing games. If I do commit to […]