LA Zinefest! woot!

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I’ll be exhibiting for the first time at the LA Zinefest! Along with my studio-mate Jen Tong, Her BF Joel Alter, and former studio-mate, good friend, and new LA resident Sung Yoon Choi! I’m really looking forward to it and it’s SOON! Just more than a month away. I’ve got to get busy! I’m not a […]

The Degenerate Art Fair

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I’ll be exhibiting this upcoming weekend at the Degenerate Craft Fair in Manhattan for the first time this year. I”ll be selling my comics, handmade books, and silkscreen prints and textiles. It should be a lot of fun and I look forward to exhibiting. The particulars are below THE 6TH ANNUAL DEGENERATE CRAFT FAIR! The DCTV […]

Back from APE now to prepare for CAB!

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Got in from San Francisco yesterday night and still suffering from a bit of jet lag and a lot of fun fatigue. “Fun Fatigue” you might wonder? well- it’s cool to visit a city like San Francisco on ones own but it’s amazing to do so when one of your traveling companions a local and […]

Silky Screening the KRAKEN!

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Silkscreen MADNESS! or something like that as the March towards APE continues! 3 of the 4 colors are done! Just need to print the back and the cover! This is my second edition of this book- I’ve changed the colors up a bit and added a pattern to the back. This version will debut at […]

APE! San Francisco!

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Print! draw! print! silkscreen! Prep! new stuff! old stuff! pack bags! Get ready! Going to the Alternative Press EXPO! California here I come with my studio mates Jen Tong, Tory Sica, and Kim Sielbeck! Joining us will be our old compadre and studio mate Sung Yoon Choi! See you there! Above is another sketch of […]

SPX bound!

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Once again! Time to load up my wagon with my humble comic book and wares and venture south to the cartooning utopia of Bethesda, Maryland. Ok, maybe not as romantic as that but I’ll along with my studiomates Jen Tong and Tory Sica, along with a former studio mate Anuj Shrestha will be exhibiting at […]

So RIPExpo! and Lucha to the LIBRE

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RIPExpo was good for it’s first year and I’m looking forward to it next year. There’s one thing I’d really like to see different- a date change so that the festival happens when RISDI/Brown are in session. I talked to a few locals who were concerned if that were so it’d be overwhelmed with RISDI […]

so RIPE!

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Possibly the worst/best festival name ever. I’ll be exhibiting at the Rhode Island Press Expo (RIPE) this weekend along with my studio mate Jen Tong. So if you’re in the smallest state swing by and check out some comics and prints and stuffs!

MoCCA 2014. Done and good fun

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MoCCA was fantastic this year- It was compounded by the fact that my entire studio had bought four tables and made one long line of OddLot studio awesomeness! I sold out of a few specifically the 100 ninjas and 10 cats print that I made specifically for the fest! Bravo to the Society of Illustrators […]

Full MoCCA Prep GO!

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I’ll be exhibiting at the MoCCA Fest 2014 with new comics! prints! and some textiles! Including an exclusive version of my new print “100 Ninjas & 10 cats) that I made specifically for MoCCA (it’s two post before this) I’m at Table C-20!