Zombies of all sorts

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I really enjoyed both “The Walking Dead” show and comics, enough so to create this illustration. It was good fun. In other news we’ve started Rabid Rabbit #13. It’s going to be a collaboration with the swedish anthology- C’est Bon Kultur in which we’ll create a flip book- i.e. flip it over and it’s the […]

Comics & Graphic Novel Festival is Tomorrow

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The Comics & Graphic Arts fest is tomorrow and I and Team Rabbit are mucho excited- mucho. Last year, in spite of terrible weather was fantastic and expect nothing less of this year-even better cause Rabid Rabbit will be there debuting our latest anthology endeavor- “Rabid Rabbit goes to HELL” This a page from my […]

Comics and Graphic Novel Fest

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I’ll be at the Comics and Graphic Novel Festival at the Rabid Rabbit Table hawking our spankin’ new Rabid Rabbit #12 “Rabid Rabbit goes to hell”! It’s our biggest and best book to date- With an awesome cover by Nathan Fox. So if you happen to be in Williamsburg please stop on by and say […]

I’m Back!

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This last summer and early fall was a about busy as it could get, but that’s no excuse for not posting here especially since I’ve drawn some pretty cool things during this time and I’ve started teaching a new class at the School of Visual Arts entitled “Creating Independent Comics“. The class and students has […]


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Heres my submission to the excellent “Covered” blog. A great blog featuring new renditions/”covers” of comicbook covers that is lovingly administered by Robert Goodin. I had blast drawing GOOM and am tempted to follow up with the “Son of GOOM!”

super heroed

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Introducing the manically, maniacal, majestically manly- THE MANHANDLER. silliness ensues

and breath

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Yow, I’m now slowly recovering from what was a really long run that started way back at the Rabid Rabbit release and original art show that was on the March 27th at Bergen Street comics (The show is still up but in it’s final weeks so check it out! Info HERE) that was quickly followed […]

the Stumptown cometh

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Wow. What a tornado, actually in this case a volcano, not just any volcano. an unpronounceable icelandic volcano- it really is unpronounceable- “Eyjafjallaj√∂kull” which has stranded numerous scandanavian cartoonists in NYC and a few in my apartment. I happy to have them and this years MoCCA will easily be remembered for years to come. But […]

Amazing time at MoCCA

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I had a great time this year at MoCCA, in fact I think this year might be my favorite. I met a ton of cool people and got to see some old friends and Rabid Rabbit contributors that I haven’t seen a while. I want to give a shout out to the Swedes and the […]

MoCCA Comic festival

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It’s that time of year again.MoCCA comic festival- except it’s about three months earlier than it should be and it’s back in the Armory– two things that I’m none to thrilled about. But aside of those distressing facts, MoCCA is always a good time and chock full of amazing stuff. So as per usual, I’ll […]