Viva la RevoluciĆ³n! (sort of)

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If I hit a wall of creative limbo I often find that if I meticulously reorganize and clean my desk, my computer, the flat files, the supply drawer, and sometimes the rest of the studio… I find that everything is much cleaner and that a mouse has been pooping behind everything, particularly the on top […]

fight, Fight, FIGHT- webcomic cover

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I’m working out the kinks on putting up my Risographed mini-comic on line in it’s entirety for free via tumblr- and like all things that I do I must make it so much more complicated than it should be. That. Withstanding. Here is the cover I’ve designed for the webcomics in all of it’s cartoon […]

DECEMBER! how did that happen already?

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I did not see that coming. not one bit. I was slowly adjusting to being cold in November and out of no where- BAM. December. Ugh, that’ll not do, mainly cause I have way too much stuff to do! Well, Enjoy this page from my Zombie Cat relaunch!

Bleeding Cool Comics Art Brooklyn!

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So I’m slowly tumbling back into consciousness after surviving Comic Arts Brooklyn– It was an awesome show. I sold more books and silkscreen prints in a one day show that I’ve sold at weekend long shows so kudos to Desert Island for making this show happen! Above is Jen Tong and I at CAB. In […]

Happy Halloween!

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I just finished scanning all of the inked pages from the first issue of the relaunch of my Zombie Cat series- appropriately on Halloween. I’ll be producing a limited edition handmade early release of the book for Comic Arts Brooklyn- till then enjoy this freshly inked page!

SPX bound!

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Ho Bethesda! That didn’t come off nearly as well as saying it. Tomorrow I’ll be making my way south to exhibit at the Small Press Expo! I’m not going alone- I’ll be accompanied with my trusty- well sort of trusty studio mates! Tory Sica, Jen Tong, and Kim Seilbeck- and we’re bringing a sidekick this year- […]

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

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on July 1st, One hundred and fifty years ago one of the most decisive battles of the American Civil war was fought. The battle last for three days and at the end there were nearly fifty thousand casualties- nearly eight thousand people and three thousand horses were dead (amazingly only one civilian died during the […]

Riso Madness!

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So my studio mate and I bought a Risograph Machine and we’ve just started exploring it’s possibilities- of which I intend to print my mini-comic “fight, Fight, FIGHT” in two colors on. It’s kind of like an automated silkscreen machine with transparent colors. Above is one of the pages in which I’ve already prepped the […]

TCAF and adventures in Risograph

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In Toronto for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which is great and exactly like what I’d imagine an alternative universe to be like. It looks a lot like home, people speak the same language, dress is similar fashion, interact, if not maybe a bit too politely, like they do at home, but like any good […]

May Day

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It’s a beautiful May first in Portland, yep. I’m still in Portland for a few more days and I’m without a doubt enjoying the a more laid back pace of the Rose City (Maybe a bit too much, There’s work to be done). Stumptown comic festival was last weekend and I had a fantastic time […]