TCAF on the horizon

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Pages are inked. Cover is silkscreened. Next up create separations for the risograph interior!


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Freshly screen printed cover to my new comic that’ll debut at TCAF! Hand printed 250. Better get ‘em when they’re done cause I’m never doing that again. 

Buzzfed MoCCA

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My Risographed comic “fight! Fight! FIGHT!” was mentioned in a Buzzfeed article on MoCCA fest! “Full of over-the-top violence and audacious color, the action in this book comes out swinging and never stops!” Yep, that pretty much describes it perfectly. My studiomate Aya Kakeda also made the list!

Post-MoCCA Depression

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It’s such a rush to get ready for a festival! pencils drawing. Risographs duplicating (they’re duplicators not copiers!), Staplers stapling… then when it’s over and Monday morning rolls around and your friends from around the country head home or you head home in kicks the post-festival exhaustion- not really depression, but it made a punnier […]

Character Design and Development of Nero Noir

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The process of developing and designing “Nero Noir” the anti-hero private investigator who’ll make his debut in Zombie Cat #2- which if all goes as planned will be ready for the MoCCA Festival 2015.  This was a tough one for me, usually it just comes to me- a couple of sketches and good to go, […]

Lightening Roy

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I started this comic a while ago but it kind of lost direction and I set it down until I could figure out what was going wrong. I knew I wanted to do a non-fiction comic about Roy Cleveland Sullivan, a guy who was struck by lightening seven times. My first attempt was becoming either […]

SPX bound!

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Once again! Time to load up my wagon with my humble comic book and wares and venture south to the cartooning utopia of Bethesda, Maryland. Ok, maybe not as romantic as that but I’ll along with my studiomates Jen Tong and Tory Sica, along with a former studio mate Anuj Shrestha will be exhibiting at […]

fight!Fight!FIGHT! (the webcomic)

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There probably few who are familiar with my comic “fight!Fight!FIGHT!” Mainly, actually completely because I’ve only released it as risographed zine that I only sell at festivals. That’s changing RIGHT NOW! I’m going to put the entire thing up on tumblr as a webcomic- is it just gnarly ol’scans that I’m putting up? no sir, […]

So RIPExpo! and Lucha to the LIBRE

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RIPExpo was good for it’s first year and I’m looking forward to it next year. There’s one thing I’d really like to see different- a date change so that the festival happens when RISDI/Brown are in session. I talked to a few locals who were concerned if that were so it’d be overwhelmed with RISDI […]

so RIPE!

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Possibly the worst/best festival name ever. I’ll be exhibiting at the Rhode Island Press Expo (RIPE) this weekend along with my studio mate Jen Tong. So if you’re in the smallest state swing by and check out some comics and prints and stuffs!