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After nearly two years of work. I’ve finished inking “The Naturalist” for Island Press. I’m sure there will be some revisions, but the bulk of the work is done- 226 pages! Below is the inked cover! Now it’s time start some new personal projects. I’ll be much more web present from here on out so […]

KITTENS #3 finally finished!

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This took way longer than I wanted it to, but now it’s done and ready to be printed. I’m guessing other work and moving to Hawaii slowed my progress a bit. Definitely having to build a new studio and figuring out my new surroundings impacted how long it took. Usually an issue would take me […]


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Just some of cool things I’ll be bringing this Sunday to the LineworkNW Festival! I’m really excited to be participating in a festival in my home town! I’ve already seen a Timber game (they lost. Boo) gone hiking up Oneonta Gorge (Not freezing in May, if you need proof of global warming that is it) […]

Screenprint KITTENS #2 Cover

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Just spent this afternoon screenprinting to KITTENS #2 at AS220 in Providence. I’ll be debuting this book at Linework NW on May 22nd. It’s been a bit since I’ve pulled the squeegee- I had no idea how much I missed it.

KITTENS#2 is all colorfied

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I just finished coloring KITTENS #2 and after just a bit more post-production it’ll be ready to be sent to the printers… and I’ll need to silkscreen the cover. I’ll be debuting this at the Linework Festival next month in my hometown of Portland, Oregon!

KITTENS #2 is coming!

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The inks are done, the book is lettered, I’m in post-production getting ready to print! KITTENS #2 “The Sounds of Indifference” is almost done! Above is the mock-up for the silkscreen cover. I’ll be debuting this issue at the Linework Festival in Portland, OR in late May! Pick it up then!

KITTENS #2 is getting inked!

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After struggling a bit with writer’s block I finally came up with a decent ending for my second issue of “KITTENS”- trust me you haven’t had writer’s block until you’re faced with writing bad jokes for a comic punk band comprised of foul tempered felines. The second issue is in FULL SWING now and I’ll […]

Homage to Moebius

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Hmmm, so many underlying political subtexts! Kittens #2 is almost fully penciled- There, that was an update!

Short Run! Seattle!

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  I’ll be exhibiting at the Short-Run Festival in Seattle on the 31st! yep! Halloween! I’ll be selling COMICS, Silkscreen Prints, and some Textiles! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this fest and look forward to being in Seattle! It’s been awhile, I did my undergrad at Cornish College of the Arts a LONG […]


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You gotta give it to the Canadians! When they throw a small press and alt-comic festival they pull no punches, no. you’re right. they would never throw a punch far too polite to ever do such a thing (other than in a hockey rink, which, all bets are off). Aside of the heat- yep. You […]