Bonus Boxer

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Bonus Boxer! I know that it supposed to be 10 days of Boxing Beasties but I couldn’t resist drawing up one more. On the 9th day of boxers I drew a Banded Mongoose and mentioned that he’d fight snakes- where I then pondered how ridiculous a snake boxer would actually be- TA-DA! it is ridiculous!

Day Ten! The end of Boxing Beasties!

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  Saving the first for last. This plucky chicken was the very first boxing beasty I ever drew and subsequently the very first thing I successfully silkscreened. I created the boxing animals so I’d have something to screenprint that wouldn’t disappoint me if I failed terribly. After this chicken I created a few more. ¬†They […]

DAY 9 Boxing Critters!

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Banded Mongoose- This boxer can take on deadly snakes. like COBRA deadly (drawing a snake boxer… hmm, that’d be weird. I imagine two boxing gloves connected by a snake body, couldn’t see, probably get beat every time). DAY 9 of beasty boxers is done!