There really is only one way to truly take care of a giant monster- sure you could use conventional methods but where is the fun in that. What you really need when a car stomping, building toppling, genetically modified menace shows up? A GIANT ROBOT!

Introducing the latest publication from C.M.Butzer Industries: Giant Robot Versus Giant Monster.

I’ve played around with storytelling and printing process on this zine. It’s a dual cover book- if you’re looking at the Giant Robot cover flip the entire zine over and you’ll have the Giant Monster cover- Each side wordlessly tells the story of either Robot or Monster through a set of illustrations (Including an AWESOME transparency page) that when they do meet in the middle of the zine there is a huge fold-out poster!

20 pages of full color Monster fighting Robot FUN!

Size: Digest size 5.5″x8.5″

Fold out poster size: 11″x17″

Edition: 1st Edition. 200 copies.

Published: April 2016


Transparency Overlay Page for the monster side.


11×17 Fold-out center poster!

I’m currently only selling these at festivals but if you REALLY want one email me at and we’ll work something out.


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