Night of the Revolution revisited

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As I’m preparing to attend MoCCA at the beginning of June I was playing around with making a new mini-comic- maybe a sequel to my collection of short comics- “POW!”. So while I’m storming for ideas- whether to do something historical or funny or funny historical or not historical or funny at all- you know. different. While I was doing this I figured I might use this to reprint some of my old Rabid Rabbit contributions. I literally blew the dust off the files from the very my very first contribution to Rabid Rabbit– “the Night of the Rabid Rabbit” as you may know- Paul Hoppe and I created Rabid Rabbit way back in 2005. Literally to have something for MoCCA that year. So we conned and guilted a few of our talented friends- Fay Ryu, Sakura Maku, David Sandlin, Anuj Shrestha, and Sam Weber into contributing their time and talent into the creating the very 1st Rabbit- “the Night of the Rabid Rabbit”

The comic was pretty rough so over the last couple of days I went back in and reworked the script and cleaned up drawing and added some tones- back then we hand made the Rabbits so they could only be black and white- so long ago! It was fun comic and I still like it’s satirical slant. If you had asked Paul and I that in 2009 that Rabid Rabbit 10- “Rabid Rabbit’s Kitty Kitty” will be debuted at MOCCA we would have laugh you out the door, down the street and most likely out of the country. So, Come to the MoCCA festival and give us sympathetic pat on the back.

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