Facebook Friendship Anniversary Storyboards

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I don’t often post my storyboarding work for advertising but this was the last big gig I drew onsite at 1st. Avenue Machine before I left New York to move to Hawaii. These are from the Facebook Friendship Anniversary video that features you and a friend or your friends and appears in you feed. Here […]


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I’ve just updated the storyboard section on my website– it’s been a while and I’ve done a lot of new boards as of late. In other storyboard related news I was headhunted last year by storyboard and concept art agency and am now happily represented by WayArt. You can check out their site and my […]

Outlander Commercial

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I storyboarded this Outlander commercial earlier this year at First Ave. Machine. Cars used to be a bit of challenge for me draw- Early on, I was told that cars are basically rectangles with wheels- maybe a few cars in the 1970’s come even close to making that statement true, but for the most part […]

Pumagility Commercial I Storyboarded is out

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I storyboarded the shooting boards for this Puma commercial earlier this for First Ave. Machine. It was a blast to draw and it was a lot boards but it turned pretty awesome. Aside of that I had a great time at Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Arts Festival and am working on new stuff for Stumptown […]

HTC sensation commercial that I storyboarded is out!

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HTC Sensation – Reveal (directors cut) from Roman Ruetten on Vimeo.I storyboarded this add for HTC not too long ago for First Ave Machine- I had a great time doing it with all the crazy morphing and liquid metal effects. Below are few samples of my boards from this commercial. both colors and pencils to […]


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Yikes. I’ve been on the busy side as of late. I’ve been storyboarding like a mad man, in fact I did the storyboards for this Stride Commercial. Contractually I have to wait a year before I can show the my storyboards, But it’s always a little cool and dumbfounding to see what you had drawn […]