Good Doggie

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Here are the inks for my latest illustration. It’s called “Walking Cerberus” Not quite fully rendered as of yet, I’m going to something with the background and color it.  Grand Comics Festival is coming up this weekend hope to see a ton of people there!

No News is Good News but this is Good News

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First thing first- The American Library Association has posted it’s best picks for 2010 and guess who tops the list for non-fiction? Okay okay, it’s in alphabetical order but Gettysburg is amongst some amazing titles and I’m very fortunate. You can see it all right HERE! Aside of that a young Italian graphic designer- Lorenzo […]

Happy Halloween Part 3

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Hail Completion! Have to admit it was pretty cool see my work blown up to this size! Luckily Everyone but Anuj Shrestha was happy to pose with it! See the previous posts to see the whole process of this coming together!

Happy Halloween Part 2

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The colored version form the previous post-

Happy Halloween Part 1

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So, Halloween is this weekend and at the big’ol ad agency I do storyboards for asked me to something down right fun- They asked me to design a life size movie monster cardboard cutout in which people can stick there heads through and take photos- good fun all around. Here are the inks for that […]

Zombie Cat

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Hey there- The witching hour is approaching and once again during this time of year I’ve returned to working on Zombie Cat. Here’s the inks of the first page- it will eventually be in full living color. The script for the story is finished, now all I need to is wrap up some more sample […]

Giants at Sea

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I read an article about Giant Squid and got that irrepressable urge draw one- I hope you all enjoy it.

Growth pattern for the Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Yay! hand-painted! watercolored! It’s been along time since I’ve hand painted anything so it was a pleasure to break out the brushes and paint this concept piece for the project Adam Eye and I are collaborating on! What might that be? well, this is only a concept drawing- so I don’t want to go into […]

Zombie Bartenders!

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I did this image for the Bartender of my local watering hole here in Greenpoint who loved the centerspread that Choi and I did for Rabid Rabbit‘s Horror issue. Aside of that, it’s all storyboard work… endless to the points I draw them in my dreams.

presenting the creature from the black lagoon

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Yikes, nearly half way through the month and not a new post. But it is September in New York and that means I actually enjoy being outside! So yes, it’s sad that there aren’t more posts but it it’s good I’m outside! Enjoy this guy. If things work out right there will be more of […]