It came from the BLACK LAGOON

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First, I am no animator- cheers to those with the patience and tenacity to bring drawings to life- I barely can constrain myself to comics let alone 32 plus frames a second! This is my ode to the Creature from the Black Lagoon- One of my all time favorite monsters! Such an amazing design! I […]

A Kindler Gentler Harpy

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My last Harpy was pretty dark and creepy- which is worked well for that drawing but for this one I wanted try something different- take a mythical beast and completely rethink how it’s been traditionally illustrated. So Harpy version 2. I’m considering coloring it if I have time. I’ll be at MoCCA coming up and […]


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Happy New Year. No better way than to start with a monster drawing- Sometimes I think I could just sit around all day and draw monsters. But I think that falls under the category of too much of good thing just might ruin it. So for now, monster drawing is an indulgence of mine that […]

Last Day of Monster Challenge ends with Bat Cat!

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Well, it’s come to the end- my birthday week monster challenge. The last one is every dog’s nightmare- the CAT BAT. nah nah nah nah CAT BAT! I’ll need to this again!

Another Strange Creature

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Day 6 Monster Week. They keep getting stranger don’t they? I don’t even know what subterranean terrible swampy place one would find this nightmare, but I don’t want to go there. One more day to go!

Snakey Weird Centipede Monster

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On the fifth day I created… I’m not really sure what this is. I imagined it living in the desert skittering about, darting over rocks, and killing without mercy. This is day five for the monster week long challenge done.

Monter FOUR

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Well, we’re over the hump for the week long monster challenge. I”m calling this guy Frog Face for now, I really wanted to play with the idea of something that used it’s arms for mobility and it’s feet to manipulate things. It came out all right, but not my favorite so far.

Day 3 of the Week long Monster Challenge

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My third day and another monster. I was going for a floating jelly fish skull, but my studio mate Aya ruined it by saying it looks like an ice cream cone- “a cone formed of entrails!” I cried but a cone nonetheless. It’s a floating ice cream cone of DEATH!

Monster TWO

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Here in all of oceanic horror is monster two of my week of drawing monsters! As of the moment I’m calling him… her? most likely it? CRAB CAKES. Which, yes. strangely makes me hungry. Tomorrow another Monster to come!

Monster of the Day

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For the next week- as long as work allows I’m going to try put up a drawing of a monster every day- Starting today. I haven’t come up with a slick name for this guy yet. right now he’s just the four armed freak.