MoCCA 2018

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MoCCA festival is around the corner and I’ll be exhibiting again this year! I’ll be peddling all sorts of comics and hand printed silkscreen prints! I’ll be at tables! B 124-126 with a whole slew of old and new friends from my old Brooklyn Studio. I’m excited and you should be too! Come by and […]

MoCCA 2017

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Back in New York city for the MoCCA Festival and it’s great to be back… except that it’s cold, mind you not New York City cold- not the evil cold that seeps through any jacket, any parka, gloves, or hat, making you question whether you’re going to make it back to your apartment cold. Just […]

MoCCA is Coming!

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I’ll be debuting my Giant Robot vs Monster  Zine at this year’s MoCCA Fest I’ll be there with my studiomates and it should be sweet. Above are the images for the transparent overlay pages… YES. I did say transparency pages for the both the Monster and the robot! It will defy comprehension- a fold out 11×17 […]

Post-MoCCA Depression

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It’s such a rush to get ready for a festival! pencils drawing. Risographs duplicating (they’re duplicators not copiers!), Staplers stapling… then when it’s over and Monday morning rolls around and your friends from around the country head home or you head home in kicks the post-festival exhaustion- not really depression, but it made a punnier […]

MoCCA 2015!

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I’ll be exhibiting at the MoCCA festival so if you’re in or near NYC swing on by check out one of the best indie comic festivals there is (it did suck for a while but it got better, much better) I’ll be at table 349 along with my studio mates Aya Kakeda, Jen Tong, Anuj […]

Lightening Roy

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I started this comic a while ago but it kind of lost direction and I set it down until I could figure out what was going wrong. I knew I wanted to do a non-fiction comic about Roy Cleveland Sullivan, a guy who was struck by lightening seven times. My first attempt was becoming either […]

MoCCA 2014. Done and good fun

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MoCCA was fantastic this year- It was compounded by the fact that my entire studio had bought four tables and made one long line of OddLot studio awesomeness! I sold out of a few specifically the 100 ninjas and 10 cats print that I made specifically for the fest! Bravo to the Society of Illustrators […]

Full MoCCA Prep GO!

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I’ll be exhibiting at the MoCCA Fest 2014 with new comics! prints! and some textiles! Including an exclusive version of my new print “100 Ninjas & 10 cats) that I made specifically for MoCCA (it’s two post before this) I’m at Table C-20!

MoCCA 2014!

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It’s been a couple of years since I’ve exhibited at the MoCCA festival and I can happily say that I’m excited to do so this year- That is a significant change from the past in which poor management and ever increasing exhibitor/attendee fees had seen the sink into a rapid decline from it’s glory days […]

Convention Season is here

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So I attended MoCCA this year, no, I didn’t exhibit. I just attended as a guest, which was a little bit weird for me. I haven’t exhibited at MoCCA for two years ever since they scheduled over the Stumptown comic festival (I had bought tables to both, but MoCCA announced its dates so late that […]