World War II book cover

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Just finished this cover. It was a lot of fun to draw but digital painting it took more effort than I thought it would require. so much detail. I wonder why I do it to myself sometimes and then realize, no, I don’t wonder. I just can’t help it. Now onto the interiors!

Vikings are finished!

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Well, at least I’m done with drawing them… for now. I really enjoyed illustrated this book. It played to all of the things I love drawing! non-fiction historical detail, swords and shields, combat,  and whiff of fantasy. Tolkien was heavily inspired by Norse mythology and legends when he created middle earth and in my research […]

World War II pencilling!

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Pencils for the cover of a book about World War 2 that I’m doing for Little Brown. Love drawing the P-38 Lightning- quite possibly the coolest plane ever. EVER

Guts & Glory: Civil War is out! (buy it…)

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I’ve been pushing pencils and brushing ink on the second book in the Little Brown “Guts & Glory: Vikings” series (and already have sketched the cover for the 3rd!) when I found out that “Guts & Glory: Civil War” is available to be purchased. I had a blast drawing this book. It combined more than […]

Illustrating a new book for Little Brown about VIKINGS!

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Little Brown signed me to illustrate another book! Which is awesome- what’s more awesome? It’s about VIKINGS. I’m gonna get medieval! Above is the cover in process!