Puppies in the Line Up

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Surf Puppy Line Up.   I’ve been working on a series of surf related pieces for a show in October here in Hilo.  I also want to build up a portfolio for local galleries. It’s been fun and challenging. I’m trying to create cool surf art without rehashing worn out tropes or to use those […]

Surf Cat is Hungry

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I’m prepping to move into a new studio soon here in Hilo! To celebrate I drew up a Surf Cat!

Library Journal Illustration

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I did this illustration for the Library Journal in August for the September issue. It was actually a bit of an adventure into the old school techniques that I hadn’t used in ages. I almost always draw my final line art on paper with pen and ink but over the last several years I’ve been […]

Jungle Kitty 2

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In between pages of KITTENS #3, I’ve been practicing my watercolors. I’m still pretty rusty but it’s been a lot of fun. This one is inspired by the Monstero plants that grow all over the east side of the Big Island. I’ll be doing more of these!

Hilo Jungle Kitty

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It’s been awhile since I’ve watercolored anything. I’m definitely a bit rusty. I’m planning to do a series of small paintings inspired by new Hawaiian home to hone my skills and explore this lush, beautiful place. I had forgotten some basic techniques as I progressed through this painting, I think mainly due to making so […]

Happy Fourth of July!

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Happy 4th of July! coincidentally, I’m illustrating a young adult book on the American Revolution and just finished inking Washington crossing the Delaware this morning!

One Cephalopod Band

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This is a mock-up for my next screenprint- Octoband! I might also put this on a tote bag or a t-shirt. It’s been raining endlessly here in Providence… the next time I tell someone I’m from Oregon and the first thing they always say is “Doesn’t it rain there all of the time?” It does, […]

MoCCA is Coming!

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I’ll be debuting my Giant Robot vs Monster  Zine at this year’s MoCCA Fest I’ll be there with my studiomates and it should be sweet. Above are the images for the transparent overlay pages… YES. I did say transparency pages for the both the Monster and the robot! It will defy comprehension- a fold out 11×17 […]

So much Destruction

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So as I was finishing this ink wash drawing I had a revelation- It’s not often in life that we achieve our dream goals. Sometimes we get pretty close. I draw for a living which is pretty sweet but when I was 15 I thought I’d be living the high life drawing only monsters and […]


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  You know there is always room for more monster. Another image from my MONSTER VS GIANT ROBOT zine that I’ll debut at MoCCA this year.