Motorscootin’ Surf Chipmunks

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Another colored version of the surf screenprint series I’ve been working on. This is intended to be a four color silkscreen print. I don’t do a lot of four color prints because the more colors you have you increase the likelihood of missed registration which leads me to be grumpy. That said I played with […]

OTTER SPACE! revisited and refined

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I needed a new image for a business card. Something fun and memorable. My friend Izzy mentioned he was holding a space themed event with scientists from the University of Hawaii, Hilo at the Hilo Town Tavern and asked if I could work up a poster design. The event was called “OTTER SPACE”. The event […]


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This Turkey isn’t gonna help itself into the oven! Have very Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonus Boxer

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Bonus Boxer! I know that it supposed to be 10 days of Boxing Beasties but I couldn’t resist drawing up one more. On the 9th day of boxers I drew a Banded Mongoose and mentioned that he’d fight snakes- where I then pondered how ridiculous a snake boxer would actually be- TA-DA! it is ridiculous!

Pirate time!

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This is an excerpt of a book cover that I’m working on for Penguin Books. It’s about Jewish Pirates. Yep, those were words in that order. It’s good fun read that I’ll link to it as soon as it’s out. What, did you think all I do is draw boxing animals? got to put food […]

Day Ten! The end of Boxing Beasties!

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  Saving the first for last. This plucky chicken was the very first boxing beasty I ever drew and subsequently the very first thing I successfully silkscreened. I created the boxing animals so I’d have something to screenprint that wouldn’t disappoint me if I failed terribly. After this chicken I created a few more. ¬†They […]

DAY 9 Boxing Critters!

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Banded Mongoose- This boxer can take on deadly snakes. like COBRA deadly (drawing a snake boxer… hmm, that’d be weird. I imagine two boxing gloves connected by a snake body, couldn’t see, probably get beat every time). DAY 9 of beasty boxers is done!

DAY 7 Armadillo it!

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That’d be a Nine Banded Armadillo Brawler! There is no doubt about this guy is weird! If he gets backed into a corner he has his infamous roll up into a ball tactic! I’ll definitely be screenprinting this guy!

Day 6 Beasty Boxers has gone to the rats!

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  Another contender for the beasty boxing boxing belt! Straight from the sewers and subways of Brooklyn comes this rough rodent! Day 6 is done! Only 4 more boxers! I screenprinted this guy a while back!

Reptilian Brawler! DAY 5 of the Beasty Brawlers!

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BOXING BOX TURTLE! He might not be fuzzy or as cute as my previous boxers or any where near as fast. While he might be a bit slow with the punches he can take punch better than any other. This is the newest of my boxers so far! He did end up looking like Gamera […]